Board of Directors

Liam Tarrant – Founder & Chair

Liam started his Muay Thai training at North Jersey Muay Thai in 2003.  He was soon addicted and enjoyed the ability to focus his energy into a positive outlet.  Although initially joining to get a good workout, he soon found himself pursuing larger goals including winning multiple amateur championships.  While under the tutelage of Kru Joe Bumanlag and Kru Ray Cruz, Liam came to fully appreciate the effects that great teachers can have on one’s life.  After working to establish a youth program at NJMT, Liam founded the Muay Thai Project in an effort to help others improve their lives through the art of Muay Thai.  Liam’s greatest enjoyment comes from seeing students apply the lessons they learn from their training to better their everyday lives.  He is currently a professional Muay Thai fighter and co-host of Muay Thai Radio. Liam works throughout the sport as a  Muay Thai judge, ring announcer and live fight commentator / analyst.  In 2013 Liam was inducted into the New Jersey State Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Peter Yan - Treasurer

Peter began practicing Muay Thai under Kru Phil Nurse in New York City.  Through training, he grew to love the self-discipline and dedication Muay Thai demanded.  In return, the sport instilled in him strong values of hard work, mental toughness, and respect, and he became an active promoter of the sport to his friends and joined the Muay Thai Project at its inception.  Peter has met incredible individuals in the tight-knit Muay Thai community that he counts today as some of his closest friends and role models.  When not involved with Muay Thai, Peter enjoys traveling, volunteering, and reading.  Peter received a BS in Finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University.  Peter is currently enrolled in Columbia Business School in New York City.

Nicko Kostopolous - West Coast Representative

Nicko is originally from Long Island, New York but now resides in Northern California. Nicko Started training in Muay Thai in 2007 after watching televised Muay Thai fights. He was originally drawn to Muay Thai because of the positive outlet it gave him to channel his energy. Having experienced first-hand both the physical and mental benefits that come with training in Muay Thai, he remains to this day a strong advocate for the sport. Nicko believes Muay Thai fosters an inner peace for its practitioners and teaches self-control and self-respect. He also believes that one’s self esteem may be elevated with the regular practice of Muay Thai, something which is of paramount importance for today’s youth.

Owen Bowness - Muay Thai Radio Co-Host

Owen Bowness is a stand-up comic based in NYC as well as a passionate member of the Muay Thai community. He has been training since 2009 under Kru Joe Bumanlag and Kru Ray Cruz of North Jersey Muay Thai. His involvement in the sport includes amateur fight experience, training in Thailand, ringside commentary, and co-hosting the “Muay Thai Radio” podcast with his friend and teammate Liam Tarrant. Muay Thai continues to be a tremendous positive influence on Bowness in his path for personal growth, physical fitness and challenges, as well as his recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Owen is a testament to the positive influence of Muay Thai and carries that message through his contribution to the Muay Thai Project.

About The Muay Thai Project

The Muay Thai Project is a 501(c)(3) charity organization with two goals:

1)  To spread Muay Thai as a means to help at-risk youth in North America.

2) To assist in the spread of Muay Thai and the people of the sport throughout North America.

We are funded by businesses and individuals of the community.  If you would like to contribute to the Project please visit