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The Muaythai Project and CROM Martial Training are proud to announce that they have recently expanded their Muaythai scholarship program  in Rockaway Beach, NY.

This will be the fourth youth from the Rockaway beach area who has been a part of the Muaythai scholarship program. The Romulo family and CROM Martial Training have been long-time supporters of the Muaythai Project and our mission to change lives through Muaythai.

Our latest scholarship recipient has written as essay to explain how Muaythai has helped him in his life.


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My name is John, I am 10 years old and Muaythai has changed my life. I found out about Muaythai when my older sister started taking classes and invited my family to the board walk in far rock away to see more advanced fighters spar. My sister told me that Muaythai teaches you everything other sports teaches you, like not giving up and pushing yourself.


My first class I was scared and told my sister I wanted to go home she told me to pretend it was a game, and if I did not like it I did not have to go again. I was scared because I did not know how to jump rope and all the other kids did. Everyone I met that day was really nice and showed me support like my baseball team and football team. My favorite part was when we ran into a mat and tried to knock down Chris Romulo and Vince Tonolete the trainers. I was happy that I tried my first class.


I learned that Muaythai is not just about fighting Its also about respect. Also to never let fears stop you from doing something. In the beginning I did not know how to jump rope but I practiced everyday and started learning. I also learned its important to not be late or there are consequences like jumping jacks. We live blocks away from the gym so me and my sister Britney run all the way there.


What I also like about Muaythai is that I feel like everyone cares about me and I made new friends. I am learning how to defend myself. Where my family lives, it’s not safe and horrible things happen but now that me and my sisters are learning how to defend ourselves I feel safer. I also learned that Muaythai is not about using the moves to beat people up. After class is over my favorite part is when Chris talks and tells the class to be strong.


Both of my sister’s were right about Muaythai and I’m happy that they told me to try it.  I am closer to both of my sister and we talk about Muaythai all the time. I want to keep going to Muaythai and seeing the new friends I met. I want to learn more and keep practicing so I can get better. I faced my fears in Muaythai and outside of Muaythai because I learned that fear is in the mind. I like going home and showing my mom new moves and making her proud.



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The Muaythai Project was organized in 2010. The main goal of the Project is to help at-risk youth through programs designed around the art of Muaythai. The Muaythai Project is funded by businesses and individuals of the community. We are a 501(c)3 Charity Organization.  All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

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