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Upon the success of our initial 6 month Muay Thai scholarship program, we raised funds for additional scholarships.  Our winner was Kevin Jones of CROM martial training.  His essay can be read below.  Congratulations Kevin!

Kevin Jones - Winner of a 6 month Muaythai scholarship

Ever since I moved to Rockaway I wanted to find a fun sport. I thought of basketball, I didn’t like my coach. I saw CROM martial training on beach 92nd street it seemed very interesting and fun.​  Muay Thai means to have fun, hard work, respect others, and train to the best of my ability. My friend JC and Christian kept telling me I should train at CROM. I asked my parents, can I go to CROM. They said “No because there are a lot of bills and they helped out with my grandmother’s death funereal payment.​”

​                I think training at CROM martial training would change my life. I think it would change my life because people would respect me, I would make lots of​friends at CROM. And hopefully I would receive shorts from hard training.​I want to train at CROM martial training because I will learn self defense and how to keep fit. I would also set five goals ​

​1. Get Muay Thai shorts

2. Learn bushido codes

3. Get stripes and patches

4.​ Learn cool moves

5. Have FUN!!!

​I already eat organic things. I jog around sometimes too. Sometimes my friend Jube and I do fitness and basketball drills. Muay Thai will take a lot of effort. So far my favorite drill is the dynamic warm up. I like the core workout too.​I would recommend CROM to adults, teens, and kids who want to keep fit. And also kids who want to learn self-defense and have fun.

Many people inspired me to keep fit and active. Such as my friend JC, Jube, Sarah, Chris, and my dad. Chris Romulo is really good at disciplining his students.​Maybe after my parent’s see how hard I’m working and how much fun I’m having they maybe would pay for me. I finally was told what bushido means. It means the way of the warrior.​Bushido means the way of the warrior.​I also learned that kick-boxing comes from Thailand. I think taking CROM will make CROM a 2nd home. I already know lots of CROM trainers at CROM.​There are rules at CROM. The most important rule is to pay respects. Rules are very important to follow.

​If you see some CROM martial training workouts it looks easy but it is not. Maybe if I get good enough I can go amateur and start competing like my friend JC. It is really hard but I am up for the challenge.

Kevin's poster about CROM Martial Training

My opinion is you need to believe in yourself at CROM. Anyone can try CROM you just have to train your best.  I noticed over the years that Chris and Sarah just want to keep kids off the streets. When I start training I will stop eating junk.  Other kids, teens, and adults should go to CROM Martial training.

​“All It Takes Is Heart”


Congratulations Kevin, and thank you to CROM Martial Training for your continued support!


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1)  To spread Muay Thai as a means to help youth in North America.

2) To assist in the spread of Muay Thai and the people of the sport throughout North America.

We are funded by businesses and individuals of the community.  If you would like to contribute to the Project please visit www.muaythaiproject.org/donate

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